Big City Lights is UpFront professional lights for film and video in Toronto Canada and North America. If you need lighting for video, film and photography Big City Lights are the place to find cheap and affordable lighting. They also do rentals as well as sales of commercial light Lightbulbs Par30 par38 E27 including LED, fluorescent, daylight & balanced tungsten. pros know when it comes to lighting a photo or video or film wether it be in the studio or on location. a pro videographer ringlight ring banks trusts his lighting equipment. A professional in the GTA or Greater Toronto Area Canada must have a modern and new, lights that are available in 5400K, 5600K, 3200K. even americans in canada love these lights, especially in the Montreal porn industry. MAny people from the USA have bought my lights as well for there home movie and film sets. They know good lighting when they see it. with new fluorescent and LED technology lights are much cooler and last longer. When you light your photo or video projects use big city lights to professionaly do the job.
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